Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Eater Slaughterbot

Another addition to the eaters of worlds this week with an additional potato dread. I took many of the lessons learned from my previous dread and put them into overdrive with this fellow. The base model is a mix of the Minotaur's character dread and a Deathguard contemptor. Removing the symbols of the plague legion makes the kit look appropriately within the gladiatorial, battered aesthetic of the XIIth. The Volkite cannon thingo was also a good excuse to play around with some more glow effects! Using a few left over plastic bits I focused on making the base dead in the centre of the Shadow Crusade.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ultramarine Rhino

This week we source some tracks for my boys in blue so they wont have to footslog too hard!
Frankly, I still prefer the Mars pattern Rhino to the Deimos pattern and this, combined with the ability to avoid working with resin, has left me pretty much committed to sourcing all required Rhinos from the standard range.

As usual, the vehicle medium enabled me maximum leeway in playing around with weathering techniques. I take a particular delight in sullying the bright blue of the 13th legion.

Most of the symbols were standard FW decals, although the ultima on the top hatch is courtesy of a nice stencil from Fallout Hobbies. I've toyed with a bunch of their gear and they are highly recommended!

Weathering was achieved with the usual combination of modulation, sponge chipping, oils, streaks and airbrushed dust based around Vallejo Light Mud. I opted to avoid utilising a filter, as I don't think it really added much.

Internals were also painted, although I avoided dealing with the paraphernalia at the rear of the compartment, as only the most fastidious of observers would even bother to look!

Monday, August 7, 2017

From the depths....

....a Leviathan

Honestly, this is the second of these I have built and they are simply awesome. A potato-bot on steroids.

Lets just say hes not an only child, but we will leave that for another post :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm a shaaaaarrrkkkkkkk

This round lets chuck out a few more Carcharadons. This represented my first encounter with the new bigmarines. I generally feel these guys don't really fit with the Spes Sharks' 'duct taped together' theme, as the chapter is well known for making due with little and doesn't seem like it would be high on the waiting list for the Imperium's newest, sexiest tech (what are we, the Minotaurs??) Nevertheless, there is the cool factor to be considered and it would be pretty poor to neglect the full new range of HUGEMARINES on pure lore principles entirely.

As a result, I decided to go hard, fast, using the Gravis armor lord guy as the basis for a force commander. To sharkify him I replaced the helmet with an exposed pate, switched out the gauntlet for something more slashy and gave him more of a nautical-themed pole arm in lieu of the original sword

The cloak provided.....opportunities....

I'm really enjoying the theme of the chapter as I move through its various components The idea of a bunch of silent, fanatical, possible World Eater space vampires is pretty metal. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Void watchers

+++We return from the umbral depths of the void in this time of the reef's great crisis. But know this, for neither great devourer, nor arch enemy, nor tomb dwellers, nor green tide, nor even the great Aether itself represent the true existential species. For that, one must dive into the deeps beyond boundaries of the Galaxy itself, for in these depths doth lie greater, older ones, whose origins and scale are far beyond any mortal or immortal comprehension. While we fight in this brief flicker in existence, we accept that ultimately, the Nuclear Chaos, the Key and the Gate, the Haunter of the Dark and their ilk will snuff us out as nothing, for only in the void do the trues horrors lurk+++

This round we take a bit of a shift away from previous projects. More and more recently I've been struck by a particular modern Marine chapter - the Carcharadon Astra, or, in low Gothic, the Space Sharks. There is something about these guys, lurking out there on the periphery of the Milky Way and starring off into the astral deeps, that really scratches another nerd passion of mine - Lovecraftian cosmic horror. It seems like these guys would be well positioned to be on the front line of any extra-galaxy threats that might manifest and I like the idea of the kind of philosophies such a remote and nihilistic existence might produce.

I very much liked general vagueness of the chapter's fluff and the way in which even their genetic origins remains highly contested. Lets face it, over the past few years GW has made a concerted effort to demystify most of its fluff. While this has shown us some very interesting new views of the 30k/40k verse, it also makes less room for the unknown and tends to ground previously legendary beings like the Primarchs in some fairly banal character arcs. I think the worst offender in this case was the fall of Horus himself, which didn't really seem very convincing, given the supposed grandeur, poise and wisdom of the character. This is not the only case of this type of mundane-ification, but just sticks out as the most egregious

By contrast, the Carcharadons have very little explained in their background and GW has only alluded to some of the most basic cultural practices and philosophical beliefs of the chapter in Red Tithe. From that we can glean that they remain commited to the Imperial project, yet retain a fairly peculiar set of idiosyncrasies, such as their sanctification of water and their silent fury in combat that seems to rise to the level of the World Eaters.

The aquatic theme naturally meshes with the general squamous nature of Lovecraftian imagery and description, as does the genetic predisposition towards a greying of the flesh and a blackening of the Screla. In portraying this I also took considerable inspiration from the vampires in 30 days of night, who, to me, have always had a certain 'Selachidness' to them.

Armor was based in a Vallejo german grey and then highlighted/modulated with successive waves of GW air Standard Mechanicum Gray and Dawnstone. A weathering technique similar to that I've used on the World Eaters was then applied.

The Badab book also provided plenty of ideas and inspiration. As it makes clear, the chapter is very much a DIY group and as such, armor is rarely constructed from a single mark pattern. As a result, this allows a great deal of swapping of parts to make some very custom suits of pwer armor. I also found a use for all the SoH reaver heads I had left over. With a bit of shaving, these look very 'sharky' indeed.

This new project also provided me ample opportunity to work on some new vehicle projects. After doing this Rhino, I've figured out the perfect color palette if I ever decide to engage in some early WW2 Panzers :)

Anyway, thats all for now, stay tuned for future updates on these guys!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Pride of the Legion


No, I am not dead, just horribly overworked :)! I'd like to just say thats for bearing with me and my general posting tardiness of late. Unfortunately, the blog has been somewhat out of my thoughts given real life.

Suffice to say I have been cracking a way on several 30k/40k projects, so can put them on display over the next few weeks. I have also recently committed to being Flytrap Factory's inhouse painter for their upcoming modern ranges, so this will be a good excuse to dive headlong back into the modern wargaming stuff I built this blog on!

For now, however, here are the first of the latest series of fellows I've been working on - some XIII legion veterans from the Shadow Crusade.

One key feature I really wanted with these was to have them look quite grimey and battered, due to their prolonged conflict with the Word Bearers and World Eaters. This was a pretty stark choice, as the Ultramarines are typically presented in an illustrious clean style.

The fluff of the UM seem to indicate a wide (500 in fact) range of recruiting worlds. This allowed me to maintain the ethnic diversity I had employed in the World Eaters and just gives each of the models a bit more individually and personality.

In addition, I also revamped the Praetor a little bit, adding some new red accents, glow effects and blood and gore for extra grimdark

And finally, I also couldn't resist doing up a regular power armored Praetor, utilizing the body of Loken I had left over from another project combined with a range of UM-specific bits from the 40k range and a spare head from the new Primaris marines to make a very unique set of artificer armor :)

Anyway, plenty more to come! Thanks for baring with me!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hosting advice?

Hey there followers,

So I've been very busy this year and have unfortunately been rather neglectful of the old blog.

In my absence I have noticed that photobucket have decided to pull the old switcheroo and demand money to enable third party hosting. Basically this means that all my old posts are now inaccessible and I will need to figure out a new host, as they want to charge 400 dollars annually for what was previously a free service - yea, nah.

As such I am reaching out to the community for any advice they might have on free hosting services I might employ from here on out? I have a bunch of stuff I have been working on, but need to figure out a place I can now put it!

Any advice is appreciated :)


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good guy Knight

To complement my previous insectoid traitor knight I did up a loyalist fellow in a much more illustrious scheme in an attempt to convey a countervailing sense of rugged nobility. For this I picked a warm pallet of gold and orange with taupe trim.

 photo GK1.jpg
As with the previous fellow, this one gave me some gratuitous opportunities to play around with airbrushed glow effects.

Big panels also lent themselves to extensive decal use and rain marking!

 photo GK2.jpg

 photo GK4.jpg
unlike the previous mech, this one had to find a happy medium between the bright colors and extensive weathering.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Of Lords, Butchers and Fodder

In addition to the rather large fellows I've been working on for the past couple months, I've also been slowly grinding away at expanding my various heresy-era forces.

The first addition was to my Ultramarines in the form of a rather badass looking Praetor model I picked up from the same guy who sold me the knights. I believe this is a conversion from the Minotaurs lord model - a very unique looking guy. Originally fully gold, I gave him a bath of Simple Green and repainted him in legion heraldry.
 photo UMC1.jpg photo UMC2.jpg photo UMC3.jpg

Next up were some butchers for my World Eaters. Rather than have them lug the rather unsightly stock power axes, I decided to swap out their basic weapons for a range of gladiatorial instruments which I feel suit the legion's background quite well - hammers, flails, cutlasses, scythes and even halberds. I intend to flesh this unit out to its maximum size in the coming weeks.

 photo But1.jpg

Finally, I also did a bunch of testers for my traitor guard to accompany those renegade tanks I posted some months ago. These were a combination of plastic Soviet greatcoats by Bolt Action Miniatures mated with various accessory parts from Victoria Miniatures. I'm quite pleased with the end results. The scheme was simple and meant to reflect the mass produced nature of these poor conscripted bastards.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Silent Knight, evil Knight

First of all, apologies! I have neglected the blog for a couple months due to work - rest assured I have not been hobby idle and have a fair amount of content to share over the next couple weeks.

Lets start this with a big one. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to come across a bargain sale of two Forge World knights from a lovely chap in my neck of the woods for a mere 50 AUD each. Now, I've never had any particular interest in knights, but at this price I simply couldn't resist. For one hundred dollary doos I picked up a Cerastus Knight Atrapos and a Cerastus Knight Castigator. This week we will take a look at the former.

 photo EK1.jpg

The kits themselves were in solid condition, although Atrapos required a little bit of TLC to get him fully back on his feet, as he was missing a few parts. In the end, I decided to evil-i-fy him up to fill in the gaps, adding some emerging spikes on his armor along with a few patches of emergent mutated flesh to represent the slow seeping in of Chaos taint.

 photo EK2.jpg

Rather than go all polished and illustrious looking, as I had done previously on the epic titans, I decided to go full hot with weathering on both knights. Rust and grime, oil and scratches showing a heavily used and battle hardened killer mech.

 photo EK3.jpg

Figuring out a scheme for this guy was also a bit of a trick. After briefly considering a red/yellow pattern, I picked up a pot of GW's airbrush-ready Caliban green and was not disappointed. The color modulated very well and had good flow and consistency. I'm definitely tempted to pick up some more GW-air stuff in the future, as the colors are quite striking and build up well.

 photo EK4.jpg photo EK5.jpg
I never really realised how big these guys were, even when compared with a regular GW knight. I would estimate their height is close to a match for a Warhound.
 photo EK6.jpg

The Atrapos seemed especially apt to the evil aesthetic. With its very rounded and insectile hull, the beast already exudes a sinister vibe. This is of course not even considering the lore, with its use of black hole tech weaponry.
 photo EK7.jpg
Of course, with a canvas this big I wasn't going to hold back on any wanky techniques and employed the airbrush glow effect I had previously used on the Leviathan on both weapons :)

 photo EK8.jpg
Similarly, the greave plates were just begging for heraldry and battle honors.

 photo EK9.jpg

Overall - a very fun project and good stress relief over the past few weeks! A welcome addition to my renegade forces.

Stay tuned

Friday, January 13, 2017

Aerial Chainaxe Delivery System

This week we have a Heresy World Eater assault squad on display. I wanted to get these airborne maniacs done and dusted before the big apartment move I have to do next week, and just managed to scrape by with them, phew! With this squad finished I have now got a fully operational 30k force, ready for the tabletop!

 photo Assault1.jpg

I think dual-wielding 'come at me bro' guy is my favorite of the lot

 photo Assault2.jpg

As with previous efforts, the trick was to keep the white as dirty as possible

 photo Assault3.jpg photo Assault5.jpg photo Assault4.jpg

Ready to split some loyalist heads (still need to add a few tufts)

 photo Assault6.jpg