Saturday, October 7, 2017

12th legion Angry Boiz

While working on the noble lads of the azure 13th, I was also expanding the footprint of their temperamental cousins in the 12th. At this point this is my longest standing project and despite a few doubts, where I may have considered selling them off, I am glad I have stuck with it. The force now is very much fieldable and I have intentions to expand it considerably further.

First of all I filled out the butcher cohort to the maximum ten, meaning that the Spartan is now at capacity with maximum lethal crunchiness.

This is by far my favorite of the bunch - a heavily converted Abbadon model as alpha bezerker:

I had originally intended for my despoilers to all be airborne, but then I was made award of the special character that permits all footslogging basic legionaries to get additional strength and attacks, so it was back to the drawing board organizationally - the new intent is to have three 10 man squads of chainsawing goodness!

Anddd replacing them in their jetty goodness are the rampagers, who now get to deliver their various gladiatorial accouterments vertically.

Finally, I needed a proper praetor for this force. However, I wanted him to not simply be the standard normal sized leader, but a real megabeast roid-monkey type who you would expect to be at the head of a World Eater force. For this task I heavily (and I do mean heavily) converted the 40k Kharne model, who is quite the large bloke. There was a huge amount of work making him presentable and getting rid of all his daemonic aesthtics, but I think in the end, I managed it.

Finally, for a bit of a taste of what is in store....

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ultramarine legion army showcase

unfortunately I haven't been able to put as much time as I've wanted to into the blog of late, but I am alive and kicking and have been quite active on the painting scene. As recompense for my loyal followers I thought I'd do provide you all a bit of a treat - a somewhat complete core project. Unfortunately, due to my wandering attention, I rarely actually finish the projects I engage in. In this case, however, I've managed to stick with producing a solid core Ultramarine force for heresy 30k. For this I wanted to take the Ultramarine aesthetic and make it decidedly un bright and shiny and really grimdark it the hell up! At the core of the force, I began with a command squad, mixing a variety of armour types to give each element their own distinct character and style, emphasizing the elite, veteran status, bedecked in plate that had seen long service and had been extensively modified over time.

Of course, being the treadhead that I am, I couldn't resist adding some armor to the force. In this regard, I put together an uparmored Predator, a Vindicator and a Rhino. I currently also have a Typhon on the work bench, with more intended in the future.


At the core of the force were two veteran tactical squads. These were done up to look worn and battered, being veterans of Calth and fighting on the frontlines of the Shadow Crusade.

and their ride

For some elite smashyness I included a squad of Tartaros terminators. I really enjoy the style of these guys, although I intend to add a squad of Cataraphractii in the future.

There is also the Praetor, who can be brought out if I don't wish to field the command squad

I also did up a variant of Girlyman. I quite liked elements of the plastic GW model, although both heads were fairly atrocious and the sword was just, well, lame. To rectify this I added a much better blade, the forgeworld head, and removed some of the excess bling. Funnily enough, I also intend doing up the original FW model, although in that case he will be helmeted.

Finally, here's their big stompy buddy

The force all together. Still more to come, but for now, a sense of completeness and a nice display feature in my apartment :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Eater Slaughterbot

Another addition to the eaters of worlds this week with an additional potato dread. I took many of the lessons learned from my previous dread and put them into overdrive with this fellow. The base model is a mix of the Minotaur's character dread and a Deathguard contemptor. Removing the symbols of the plague legion makes the kit look appropriately within the gladiatorial, battered aesthetic of the XIIth. The Volkite cannon thingo was also a good excuse to play around with some more glow effects! Using a few left over plastic bits I focused on making the base dead in the centre of the Shadow Crusade.