Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Army Tour: 15mm US Army Stryker Platoon force for CoC

Whats this? A finished project? Oh my!

With everyone scrambling to jump into Cold War, here I am still stuck in the mire of the ultramod. Put the final touches on the infantry last night, locking this particular project in. Painting UCP over and over in 15mm is quite.....tedious. Nevertheless, I think the overall effect is quite nice

The idea for this force was to produce a mid-tier US army unit, neither elite, nor rear echelon. Using the CoC concept, I focused on painting a full platoon of infantry and then fleshing it out with additional assets that could be rotated in and out within the various scenarios.

Infantry figures were drawn from numerous ranges. These included Flytrap, Peter Pig, Eureka and Khurasan. Each of these companies has a fairly distinct style and I felt a mix helped to showcase a nice variety of equipment types. FF, for example, have lots of optics, shemaghs and heavier webbing than the PP guys. Although this is not 'historically' accurate, at 15mm once they have the same scheme on them only the snarkiest of rivet counter would be offended.

Basing-wise I wanted to go for something fairly generic and interchangeable. Instead of going for straight desert, I decided to opt for an arid rubble-strewn style of basing that could be encountered pretty much anywhere on the planet. The ambiguity of this set up means these guys could realistically be encountered anywhere from Fallujah to the Crimea.

Weapons, too, were mixed. Of course we have the standard M4 and SAW, but alongside these you can see the Mk46 and M16A4. Again, not entirely accurate from the TOE of a Stryker unit, but variety is always nice.

While I did mix up the infantry itself, I tended to do a lot of headswaps using the FF range. Anton's heads just have more personality in my view and also lack the ubiquitous gaping mouth of the Peter Pig range.

The UCP pallete is actually remarkably simple. After undercoating with a dark gray, I base the model with Vallejo German fieldgrey. Following this I heavily stipple with Vallejo green grey and then lightly stiple with Vallejo light mud. I find the trick is not letting any one color dominate too much and not let large elements build up. Always break up any dominant colors so that the eye cant fixate on one.

Special weapons teams were a particular treat to do. The 240 was actually hacked off a Khurasan guy and attached to the Peter Pig team, while the Javelin gunner is straight Khurasan. The SR-25 team is actually a re-purposed ADF unit from Eureka with appropriate headswaps and a plasticard silencer added on.

Strykers were drawn from Khurasan with some additional bits from Eureka and Battlefront tacked on. While I have four of these, in terms of CoC gameplay 2 is going to be more than enough. The completionist in me says I really should finish the platoon, however.

Abrams are also Khurasan: the as-of-yet unreleased TUSK kits.

And of course where would any US force be without the ever-present, ever-vulnerable Hummer?

So thats it, a nice tidy little force ready to go for a system I have no real opportunity to play for the foreseeable future. The appeal of a CoC-style unit is that it sets a goal that is achievable for my current lifestyle/work balance and produces something coherent and potentially useful. For future endeavors I intend to make similar efforts with ultra modern Russians, Saudis, Germans and ISIS. Of course, these are very 'iffy' at this stage, but I do have the miniatures square away to work with.

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  1. Very nice collection! I really like what you achieved on the bases, they are very generic indeed, which is not exactly easy to pull off. And mass-painting UCP on so many figures must indeed have been annoying at times :D

  2. Wow! What a nice looking unit. You really nailed the UCP.
    Also, late congratulations on completing your doctoral studies.

    1. Thanks dude, its sort of a non-event tbh, now I just have to publish this monstrosity :p

  3. Fantastic job, love the bases and the camo!

  4. Really nice little collection you have there.



  5. Really well done! Your take on the camo is inspiring.

  6. That's awesome, simply awesome work.
    By the way, you've written about some kind of "system to play". What rules are you talking about? Or do you have any advice on wargame rules for ultra-modern? Force on Force from Ambush Alley, or something else?

  7. Oh, I've noticed "CoC" in the post. You're meaning Chain of Command rule set? Are there addons for modern combat for these?

    1. Victor, Chain of Command has a modern adaption currently in the works called 'Fighting Season.'