Sunday, March 27, 2016

Team Yankee: Soviet Onslaught

While much of my broadcast focus on painting lately has been fixated upon US forces for Europe, my dalliances in the Soviet sphere have actually been more productive. I'm slowly working towards a 75-100 point motor rifle force for Team Yankee, although this will likely be quite a long slog :)

The first hurdle was getting a green I was happy with. My first attempt at painting some Team Yankee BMPs did not turn out as pleasing as I had intended, so after going back to the drawing board I ended up with a scheme based on Vallejo's Russian Green Primer 4BO with prodigious amounts of highlighting. This still remains difficult to photograph with my current setup, but I'm much happier with the finish produced by this.

As was appropriate, I returned to the BMPs to do another set in the new scheme:

 photo P1_1.jpg photo P2_1.jpg
Painting the exposed crew also gave me an opportunity to try out the new Sun Bunnie camo scheme I intend on doing up all the infantry in, I think this turned out pretty accurate to photos of the suits:

 photo P4_1.jpg photo P3_1.jpg
As some will be aware from previous posts, I have fund the BF T-72 the one weak link in an otherwise excellent range. As a result, I went back to shopping around for a kit to outfit my tank companies with. In my usual full circle logic, I landed back with the Zvezda T-72B M1989, my favorite depiction of this beast in 15mm. This is an extremely late Cold War bit of kit, but I feel its appropriate given I have outfitted my US forces with M1A1s.

 photo 893.jpg
Rather than simply build out of the box, I took some of the components of the BF kit and integrated them into the Zvezda model to plug a couple of the gaps left in the original sculpt. The main issues with the Zvezda kit are the lack of the AAMG, a unopenable hatch, and the lack of smoke dischargers on the left hand side of the turret. The BF kit provided a panacea to the former two issues, while the latter was fixed by a bit of plasticard construction.

 photo 892.jpg
I also mounted a couple mine plows just for fun and 'Orkification.'

 photo 891.jpg
Finally, I also have been working on a 2S1 battery for some God of War support for my mech forces. This represents the first half of the battery done, as I intend to fully fill out the unit with six guns, a spotter and the command BTR.

 photo 2S1.jpg
The 2S1s are yet another excellent bit of kit by BF. My only niggle was that by default the guns were positioned at way too low and angle. I ended up drilling out a new peg hole and filling the old one with green stuff to give them more of a dynamic firing pose.

 photo 2S2.jpg photo 2S3.jpg
That's all this round, stay tuned for future updates including a the finished Carnation battery, a Shilka battery, a BRM platoon and a metric shedload of infantry


  1. Nice start towards an MRD there! I like the new look to the Bimps in particular.

  2. Outstanding stuff. Those T-72s are beauties, and ERA always looks better...

    1. Yep yep! the 72 just looks so much meaner with that K5

  3. Stunning as ever.



  4. Great work man, really inspiring!
    Really looking forward to starting my own Team Yankee collection.

  5. What is the artillery spotter and where you get it from?