Thursday, May 26, 2016

That's Doctor Taco Bat

A slight diversion to real life. I'm now officially a man of letters:

Monday, May 23, 2016

World Eater Testers Part Two

Another part of the painting forays over the past couple weeks has been a revistation of the World Eater project. This time I wanted to do up some infantry using the techniques I had employed on the Dread. The idea was to paint white; but a weathered, battered white that was actually interesting to look at.

Obviously, size was a seriously confounding variable for employing a full range of weathering techniques usually structured for a much larger subject. In this case I was forced to minimize some of the elements and also chose to do a fair bit of dark lining along the joints and grooves in the armor to ensure a more consistent, solid looking weathering.

Airbrushing was also employed differently for these guys, with the blue and white components kept separated and assembled later after detailing had been applied individually.

I also ensured to employ a mix of iconography, so as to give a personal feel to each individual warrior.

Next up I'll need to finish this squad. I also have a fairly alternative take on Angron lined up that should turn out quite swish.....

Saturday, May 21, 2016

M60A3 Platoon: not the best place to be

One of the big omissions of Team Yankee was the M60 MBT, The Abrams was a relative latecomer to the Cold War and the M60 was still a common staple in Germany in the 1980s. Unfortunately the options for this kit currently are quite limited. QRF offer a version, but its showing its age. In this case I opted for the unreleased Khurasan M60A1 kit and added the necessary paraphernalia to bring it up to the A3 standard visually. This really only required spare smoke launchers from the BF M1 kit, along with the tool boxes mounted on the rear of the turret.

 photo 60A2.jpg

While the armor of the M1IP and M1A1 were formidable, the M60 was in a tight spot by the 80s. Squaring off against the Soviet 125mm gun its frontal glacias would probably have had the stopping power of wet cardboard.  Similarly, the 105mm would have struggled against the frontal armor of the T-72B and T-80.

Nevertheless, despite all its limitations, I still find the imagery of the M60 far more charming than the Sci-fi style M1. It really was one of the last 'tanky' looking tanks in the US arsenal, before hard edges became the norm.

Crew were made with leftover Battlefront bits.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Selling a few odds n sods (Modern 15mm, epic, 30k)


As often is the case, its time to move some stuff and make room and fund further projects. As a result here are a few things up for grabs for any interested parties - prices are USD and don't include shipping. Hit me up at with any enquiries.

2 X Khurasan Sci fi 15mm buildings + 3 accessories (fella not included): $50

 photo B7.jpg

Flytrap factory Fuchs platoon + base coated bundeswehr infantry platoon lot: $80

 photo FUCH3.jpg

Battlefront IS-3 Platoon: $70

 photo IS33.jpg

Battlefront M41 Platoon: $65

 photo M411.jpg

World Eater Terminator lord and his two burly mates: $60

 photo Cat1.jpg

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blood for the

Its been a while since I worked on my World Eater guys. In all honesty, Team Yankee has taken up all my attention for the past few months. Painting endless vehicles in Soviet Green can prove a bit tiresome, however, so I decided to give some more of these augmented psychos a look.

 photo Dread1_2.jpg
I had previously built the Calth box dread, but the more I looked at it, the less impressed I was with the final result. The beast itself is just posed in an incredibly dull manner and with no points of articulation this is very difficult to fix. The end result of this was my decision to bin it and start anew with the Forgeworld kit, albeit preserving the arms, which were themselves fine.

 photo Dread2_1.jpg
In contrast to Calth version, the FW offering is far more far more open to customisation. I've seen some people take this to an extreme, with Dreads literally hurling themselves forward in a frenzied charge. This was not the path I wanted to take, however, and I was much more predisposed towards a looming stance that radiated menace.

 photo Dread3_1.jpg
I also implemented some new aesthetical choices. This round I also went with a considerably heavier regime of weathering, as I feel that the white really needs it to pop. I also went with a much more washed out look for the brass areas that approached white gold, as I think this blends better with the overall look of the beast.

 photo Dread4.jpg
I've gone with some subtle hints of corruption, specifically in the chaotic geometric runes placed at random intervals on the chassis. As a lovecraft nerd I couldn't resist. A few more lessons learned from this fellow I will deign to continue to employ as I slowly expand this force. I'm looking forward to applying them to the Stormhammer kit currently sitting in my closet. It seems like a very WorldEatery type vehicle!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Soviet Support

A few more miscellaneous additions this week to the horde. Some BIMPY weirdos along with more T-72s.

Here we have the BRM-1 by Skytrex. Although the Team Yankee rulebook has regular BMPs as scout vehicles, I wanted the proper recon equipment used by the USSR. This is essentially a BMP-1 with an enlarged turret and additional surveillance equipment.

 photo Y6.jpg photo Y5.jpg
Since I was ordering from Skytrex with their ridonkulous shipping charges I used the order to grab a few other bimp variants. The next fellow was a PRP-3 "Small Fred," a BMP-1 chasis converted to be a proper observational vehicle for artillery that included a radar location system. Again, this is a replacement for the BMP-OP listed in the TY rules.

 photo Y4.jpg photo Y3.jpg
The final element of this order was a BMP-1Ksh. Essentially a high-level command variant that gets rid of all offensive capabilities. I'll probably mount this on a diorama base as an objective.

 photo Y1.jpg photo Y2.jpg
As I was production lining, I was also able to throw some paint on some Zvezda Shilkas. The first two of four.

 photo Y8.jpg photo Y7.jpg
Finally, I was able to get a couple more Khurasan T-72As done to make a complete platoon, really love the sharp detailing on these bad boys.

 photo Y10.jpg photo Y11.jpg

Apologies for the greenish tinge this week, couldn't quite get the photos to where I was happy with them in editing.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Comission work: Khurasan Sci Fi buildings

Some new work for Jon over at Khurasan - A couple of sci fi buildings appropriate for your interstellar colonial ventures and the horrific things that happen to said colonists. These are very LV-426ish since piece casts, along with a set of techy accessories to space them up a bit further.

 photo B1_1.jpg
I employed a modulation set originally designed to paint early war German Panzers, but made sure to take the tones to their highest point.

 photo B2_1.jpg
Rather than go with a plain flat gray, I made sure to shade the different panels to different highlights and break up the monotony.

 photo B3_1.jpg
Also went a bit overboard with the streakage and weathering, which I think suits the far-flung setting well.

 photo B4_1.jpg
Casts were extremely clean and had essentially 0 air bubbles as far as I could tell.

 photo B5_1.jpg photo B6_1.jpg
Pictured here with the accessories removed and a 15mm dude for scale.

 photo B7.jpg
Definitely a fun little side project, look for them in the Khurasan shop soon hopefully