Sunday, June 26, 2016

World Eaters: The Prince of Carnage

On a more upbeat note this week - I've managed to complete a project I had been mulling over for some time now.

 photo Ang1.jpg

Many of us were naturally dumb founded when FW started actually modelling the Primarchs, with some models better than others. Naturally, as I'm building a World Eater force from the heresy era, I was predisposed towards tackling Angron at some point. Some of the model's characteristics didn't really do it for me, however.

 photo Ang2.jpg

The typical scheme of gold and red made him really stick out from his brethren and didn't seem to make much sense for me, seeing as the entire legion adopted the white and blue upon his ascension of the leadership. I've also never been a huge fan of the tendency towards uncovered faces on these models, particularly for someone like Angron, who is going to always been at the sticky, nasty parts of the battle.

 photo Ang5.jpg

With these critiques in mind, I decided to err away from the traditional color scheme applied to the model and reinterpret him as he might appear in a more hazardous environment, with a new helmet and power generator attached to his armor and in the traditional colors of the World Eaters. The headgear was a standard heresy-era Iron Warrior helm with an additional Spartan crest added. I feel this helm really captured the gladiatorial essence of the character, with its brutalist stylings.

 photo Ang4.jpg

As with previous efforts at painting this striking scheme, I employed a hybrid approach utilising some weathering techniques I generally reserve for vehicles, along with more traditional brush gruntwork employed on infantry. The labour required was intensive, but I think the final result was worth it!

 photo Ang3.jpg

Overall, I'm really enjoying the WEs as a long-form project. I don't feel any particular need to rush them and only work on them when I'm properly inspired. This will ensure that it takes a long time for a full force to manifest, but also will mean I don't burn out hopefully.

In other news, I've decided to keep plugging away at the 15mm Cold War. After the shock of this week's disaster finally started to wear off I felt a new resolve to getting these bastards finished!