Friday, January 13, 2017

Aerial Chainaxe Delivery System

This week we have a Heresy World Eater assault squad on display. I wanted to get these airborne maniacs done and dusted before the big apartment move I have to do next week, and just managed to scrape by with them, phew! With this squad finished I have now got a fully operational 30k force, ready for the tabletop!

 photo Assault1.jpg

I think dual-wielding 'come at me bro' guy is my favorite of the lot

 photo Assault2.jpg

As with previous efforts, the trick was to keep the white as dirty as possible

 photo Assault3.jpg photo Assault5.jpg photo Assault4.jpg

Ready to split some loyalist heads (still need to add a few tufts)

 photo Assault6.jpg


  1. I enjoy the prospect of vaporising these with the Acastus at some point soon dear fellow!

    They'll look spectacular right up until the point they become atomised.

    Yew! Keep up the good work.

    1. Well hurry up and make a new army :P!

    2. It won't be long now, everything is ordered. Might be me with the unpainted army though for a little bit, or at least base coloured.

      Got 60 MkIII, 3 sets of heavy weapons, 2 malcadors and some Thudd guns. Plus the big acastus knight to back them up.

  2. Holy sh!t, more awesomeness as usual. Are you using MiG rain effects to get some of that mild streaking on the white armour?

    1. Thanks! Actually just using the AK rust and grime weathering set :)