Thursday, April 20, 2017

Of Lords, Butchers and Fodder

In addition to the rather large fellows I've been working on for the past couple months, I've also been slowly grinding away at expanding my various heresy-era forces.

The first addition was to my Ultramarines in the form of a rather badass looking Praetor model I picked up from the same guy who sold me the knights. I believe this is a conversion from the Minotaurs lord model - a very unique looking guy. Originally fully gold, I gave him a bath of Simple Green and repainted him in legion heraldry.
 photo UMC1.jpg photo UMC2.jpg photo UMC3.jpg

Next up were some butchers for my World Eaters. Rather than have them lug the rather unsightly stock power axes, I decided to swap out their basic weapons for a range of gladiatorial instruments which I feel suit the legion's background quite well - hammers, flails, cutlasses, scythes and even halberds. I intend to flesh this unit out to its maximum size in the coming weeks.

 photo But1.jpg

Finally, I also did a bunch of testers for my traitor guard to accompany those renegade tanks I posted some months ago. These were a combination of plastic Soviet greatcoats by Bolt Action Miniatures mated with various accessory parts from Victoria Miniatures. I'm quite pleased with the end results. The scheme was simple and meant to reflect the mass produced nature of these poor conscripted bastards.


  1. Those are all fantastic! I particularly like the weapon changes on the Red Butchers, definitely gives them a ton of personality!

  2. Marvelous stuff!
    Great work in particular with the guard conversions...those plastic bolt action models always seem to look reluctant in their grasp of the weapon as the weapons are cast seperately - this is the best result I have seen with these figures!

  3. There's something about seeing dudes in hi-tech armour wielding nothing but melee weapons. Those guard are something else though - very original!

  4. I meant to say 'something very satisfying about.'

  5. Very nice indeed, those Guard look great in particular.

  6. wow great stuff. May I know what were the parts that you used?

  7. I'm looking for a few bugs in my post. But I think I should have someone look and point out it.